Welcome to our Corporate Division.

Here, a closely-knit group of experienced specialized and friendly personnel from various professional disciplines (Law, Marketing, Finance, Technology and Business Management) bring together their expertise to provide you with a one-stop business solution centre.

Outsourcing key accountancy or business functions makes complete sense for start-up companies, owner-managed enterprises that have experienced rapid growth, or indeed any organization struggling with workload or resources.


·      You and your staff can concentrate on customers, income generation and your core business competencies.

·      You retain complete control of your business; getting the services that you need, when you need them, without having to employ full time staff.

·      Outsourcing gives you access to specialist expertise, which may be outside of your own particular skill set.

·      Outsourced processes are usually bettered defined, more measurable and well documented, which can assist with compliance to legislation and improved management information.

·      It offers increased flexibility, enabling rapid response to the changing business environment. Outsourcing gives you greater budgetary control and the ability to turn fixed costs into variable ones.

If you are looking at your business processes and need more time to concentrate on what you’re good at, why not us to see how we can help?







We provide a wide range of services. These revolve around;

Business Consultancy (Audit, Tax & Accounting, Banking & Finance Management)

Legal Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy (Branding, Advertising, PR, Research & Development)

Virtual Office

......welcome to the future of business