....mixing business with pleasure





Who we are and what we do:

Bst Entertainment is a one stop shop for all your music and music related needs. We record, produce, mix your music but it doesn't stop there.

We develop personal relationships with the artist giving them input and guidance how to further their career. Since hot sounding music is only one aspect of success we also create music videos and snap jaw-dropping pictures.

Then we help to design the labels/websites to create a whole mind-blowing package that can help take the artist to the next step.

We offer mixing,instrumentals, song writing, consulting, photography, web/label design, music videos production.

Our recording studio (Osmond Records) is a modern digital facility that specializes in providing quality services for record companies and their artists. Our unique ability to understand both the business aspect and the artist has continually placed us in the top tier among industry studios. Established and incorporated in 2008, our mission is to produce finished products which further the careers of our clients. We bring out the best in the artist by taking the essence of the song and transcend it through the recording and mixing process. We distinguish ourselves by working with all genres of music; diversification is the key to success. What matters most is not the type of the music, but rather how it sounds when listened to. Simply put, we get your sound right.

Believe it or not, recording is not just a stop-and-go process with voice overs and ad-libs at the end. There is a technique that when done properly adds a crispness long before the mixing process begins.

“It's all in the mix.” Our facility has been acoustically customized to ensure the finest quality. Sound frequencies have a mind of their own; we control them and make them work for you.

Using the Triton Studio, Akai MPC and other classic accompaniments, we create a sound unmatched by any: Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Reggae and Club.

We convert analogue and semi-digital recordings to fully digital CD format.

Our experience allows us to help you with all aspects of a song. From the concept, chorus, lyrical content to the smallest intangible.

We assess an artist based on an eight point evaluation to determine the appropriate course of action for individual situations.



BST Production a full service film production company specializing in music videos both small and large. With our “one stop” philosophy we'll take you from pre-production through the shoot to post-production. We’ll work with you to create the best concept to illustrate the song; we’ll take care of the paper work taking care of the insurance and all necessary permits; we’ll book the extras and extra talent (actors, if needed) and take care of the locations. We’ll provide the key crew members (director, cinematographer, etc); we’ll hire the crew and rent the camera as well as the lighting package; if there is such necessity we’ll create spectacular special effects (fire, rain, smoke, gunshots etc). We’ll edit the video submitting the cuts for your approval; we’ll color correct the video and deliver it to you in a variety of formats (including an HD master -- if shot on HD or 35mm film and a youtube/web ready version despite of the origination format).


NEW! YouTube Videos!

We realized that with a changing landscape of current music scene many artist choose to have a number of smaller videos instead of one big one. Although we are well capable of creating major BET / MTV ready videos we also create smaller (thus less expensive) videos that one can flood the YouTube with thus expanding ones internet presence.


If you need to create spectacular visuals for your music we'll create the splendor!