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Events Managment

Our approach to meeting and event planning is, first, to understand the reasons why you are staging an event. We are not simply a live event organiser; we create events to enable our clients to positively influence their audience. This may involve influencing morale or perceptions, skills or knowledge, attitudes or behaviours. It may be in the form of a month-long brand communications event across Europe, or it may be one-to-one training sessions here in the UK.

By having all of our core services in-house, we benefit from clear lines of communication internally, ensuring a smooth, seamless experience for our clients. We have robust systems and processes in place to ensure our project management team are equipped to deal with the complex logistics that the management of large-scale events require.
Our event management services include the following as key areas to consider when managing and planning any event on any scale:

  • Venue finding & site assessment
  • Strategy and concept development
  • Event planning, programming and scheduling
  • Budget monitoring
  • Event production, decor, theming
    and staging
  • On-site management team
  • Logistics and operations
  • Communications and marketing
  • Social programme and add-on events
  • Evaluation, management
    reporting and post-event analysis